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Black cobwebs and black wrapped truffles were a Little Imps Anniversary surpise this year.

This years EdLUG BBQ. Great fun was had and th long standing question of how many geeks does it take to build and light a BBQ has finaly been answered.

We travelled down to Nottingham, Mar 20 2004, to visit some friends and take in a lovcal Goth club called The Wake.

My Father sent me some pictures of friends and familey at xmas in my home town. In the North Sea exposed to Artic winds they take a dip on Xmas day, the nutters :-)

Despite this I went to 'The Nightmare Afore Xmas' one of the major Gothic Social events of the year in Edinburgh. Anybody who's anybody goes. People travel to it from all over the UK. I had fun and took some shots while I was there.
I tried some experimental shots using long time exposures just to see what happened.

The last night of the Holyrood Tavern, Aug 18 2003. The best pub in Edinburgh had its last night before being sold. It's going to be remodeled for the yuppie crowd, a crying shame! But everyone had fun. Lots of Ed.L.U.G. and Ed.G.&R. people turned up.

The EdLUG Summer BBQ, Aug 23 2004

Popped down to Suffolk to visit my parents for a long weekend. Dad took us out on the new boat and we went for walks around the local woods.

Dad sent us some pictures of things at home. We have the new look in the garden, some pictures of the new steam launch he's built with his friend. While out with it they took some pictures of a speed boat race on Oulton Broads and a Wherry, a traditional form of freight carrier on the Norfolk Broads.

We had friends over on the 21st Mar 2003, we had lots of candles burning, of course. One burnt down to a pretty pattern

I was blessed enough to be invited by my friend Magi to his wedding reception (he married Rowan the day before), 1st Feb 2003.

A Nightmare Afore Xmas in Edin Dec 2002. Much fun was had and I took some pictures just before my batteries failed.

We took a trip to the Blind Beggar, 6th Dec 2002, but just as we arrived a big car crash happened outside.

Another Freshers night at the Holyrood, Oct 2nd, 2002 signaled the start of a new University year and an influx of new members to Edgar. I left early due to a cold but still managed to capture some of the atmosphere of a great night at Edin's best Goth/Alternative pub. Note classic 'Nik' pose :-).

The EdG&R cake sake, fun was had by all, pictures kindly donated by neal@turnipkitten.fsnet.NOSPAM.co.uk

Great fun had by all at the EdG&R covers night of songs covered in a Goth/Punk/Metal style. Lots of people turned up and lots danced and gave the place a great atmosphere. Sat Jan 12, 2002

Our Christmas 2001, upon which our family visited and much food and drink was had by all :-)

Nightmare A'fore Christmas Dec 15 2001, very big Scottish Gothic ball, lots of people lots of fun, had a cold and left early but still managed to capture a feel of the event, can't wait for the next one. Love the picture of Nik :-)

The first Edgar night at the Holyrood of the new term 2001.

Our summer holiday to Nottingham, mostly in museums so not many photos, but some good ones of the room and castle.

During the visit (Jul 2001) of an old friend we went to Craigmillar Castle, an old ruin located just outside Edinburgh ( more info and maps -: www.caledoniancastles.co.uk ).

I was down in Manchester at the end of June 2001 and I decided to check out the local Goth scene while i was there. I was quite tired by the journey and the full day of talks but I did manage to meet a few of the locals on Friday night. I took some snaps before I moved on to the Goth club "Jills Rock World". More info about the Manchester scene can be found at Netgoth: Greater Manchester Summary

Sarah one of the members of Edgar has put some of her photos up on the web. They include the photos from Whitby and of Rachael and myself.

The Edgar Trip to the Edinburgh Dungeons, May 19th 2001. Another one is planned for freshers week 2001

My parents came to visit during Easter Apr 2001, 14th-17th. Here are some of the pictures from their visit. First the trip to Glasgow's museum of modern art, and next the visits to the steam boat the Arctic Explorer and Forth Road Bridge.

The Conception crew of Edgar putting on a night at the Holyrood. Mar 9th 2001
An Edgar Night at the Cauldron Jan 31, 2001.
A visit to the blind beggar, Jan 2001

Popped along to the Blind Beggar to do the pub quiz ( Sundays 8pm). Took the camera so I could let people see what a great pub it was.

Pamala's Party, Jan 2001

Pamala decided to throw an impromptu party, great flat, all underground. A typical example of the 3D lay out of the city of Edinburgh

Whitby Gothic Festival Nov 2000
Rocky Horror Night at the Cauldron Oct 2000

A Rocky Horror night at the Cauldron. At which I won first prise for the best "sweet transvestite". If you want a copy of these please email me at wibble<-without-spam->@morpheux.org, the originals are 4M altogether.

Holiday in Bath pictures from the famous Roman baths and Abbey. Plus some misc. Sep 2000
New Cauldron Pics

The Cauldron, my favorite pub has been given a face lift, so I took my camera and this is the result. Oh , yeah, Hi to the New Zealanders :-)

A night at the Cauldron

Took the camera to the Cauldron, arguably the best goth pub in Edinburgh. Mostly to show what the pub is like, but ended up taking a few snaps of friends as well. Note the full size scythe on the ceiling!

My wedding's photos, Oct 9th 1998
My wedding's reception photos
, Oct 9th 1998
Mum's birthday celebration in Suffolk, 2000
Linux Developers Conference, London 2000

A couple of snaps taken from the conference. Including some Edlug members who went and some of the hackers, Alan Cox, gnome team and Steve Tweedie.

Laura's Birthday

Laura's birthday drink Jun 28, 2000. Laura invited friends to have a drink with her in the Holyrood Tavern.

Smut Queen 2

The first Ed.G.&R. trip to Whitby goth festival.

Whitby Goth Festival April 1997
Whitby Goth Festival Oct 1997
Whitby Goth Festival April 1998
Whitby Goth Festival Oct 1998
Smut Queen 1

Pictures from the original Mission, a Goth club in Edinburgh now closed. These pictures where taken by Smutqueen.

Various from Ollie
Various from Jenni
Various from Julia
Various from Feliz

Christmas and New Year 2000
Very old Pictures from Uni
A visit from my Parents
Henham Steam Rally in the 90's

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